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Astra Jigsaw Japan is a game for those who love the challenge of jigsaw puzzles
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Astra Jigsaw Japan is a game for those who love the challenge of jigsaw puzzles. Developed by Lena Games, the game presents a series of stunning pictures that you have to recreate by putting the pieces together. This edition of the game contains photographs from Japan; the collection includes high-resolution images of gardens, typical dishes, urban landscapes, traditional celebrations, art, and other aspects of this captivating culture.

When you first launch the game, it will show you a photo gallery for you to choose your favorite image. The free trial version comes with only five pictures but a lot more are available if you buy the full game.

From the 'Difficulty' tab you can determine the number of pieces your puzzle will have, from 24 to 2700. Besides the amount of pieces, you can choose the shapes these pieces will have; there is a set of shapes that ranges from the most basic puzzle shapes to figures of animals, letters, etc. And if you want to increase the difficulty level of your game, you can create a jigsaw without frame and activate piece rotation.

The application offers numerous tools to help you organize the 'table' and pieces while you're playing, which is particularly helpful if your puzzle is large. From the main toolbar you can use "pockets", which are basically small windows to store pieces for a while. There is also a magnifying glass, which is resizable, that you can use to take a close look at tiny pieces and details. Another feature I liked is that you can change the background color to one that contrasts with your current puzzle.

All in all, Astra Jigsaw Japan is a game that recreates the challenge and fun of solving jigsaw puzzles; it has great pictures, lots of useful features, and makes an excellent pastime for all family members.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Beautiful pictures
  • Lots of helpful tools to use while playing
  • Suitable for all family members


  • Pieces lose sharpness when using the magnifying glass
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